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Oahu Compactor Service TruckCompactor units are ideal for customers who have high volumes of trash and space constraints for their location. They allow the customer to have less bins and service pickups which can be very cost effective.

Honolulu Disposal Service offers full service compactor maintenance, repair and sales as well as long-term leases. Here’s what to expect:

  • Outstanding service in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner by experienced and trained drivers and support staff.
  • Island-wide service of pre-scheduled or on-call hauling of compactors. Regular service is available seven days a week.
  • On-call pickup with 24-hour notice.
  • Same day delivery of containers for early call-ins.
  • We offer a variety of different compactors including Self-Contained (for Wet Waste), Stationary (for Dry Waste), Apartment/Condo, Vertical, and Vertical Balers.
  • Rapid removal and returns of compactors
  • Professional site assessment and price estimates.

Compactor in Honolulu

Types of Compactors:
Self Contained (for Wet Waste), Stationary (for Dry Waste), Apartment/Condo, Vertical, Vertical Baler

Self-Contained (for Wet Waste)

15-34 Yd
The compactors’ liquid tight containment provides a clean method to handle most any type of trash and is perfect anywhere liquid is part of the waste being disposed.

Stationary (for Dry Waste)

2-12 yd w/ 30/40cu yd receiver box
Each unit is designed to safely, quietly and efficiently compact your waste.
Commercial size compactors are designed for moderate duty service. They are perfect for retail stores, light industrial plants, grocery stores, hospitals and many more similar applications.

The 4-yard compactor is designed for heavy commercial, industrial and mini-transfer stations and is engineered to handle above average quantities of refuse when a transfer station is not applicable.

Commercial size compactors offer integral power units to the compactor chassis for security, yet accessible for ease of maintenance and repairs. Large Industrial compactors are designed for heavy industrial duty service. They are perfect for manufacturing facilities, heavy industrial plants, transfer stations and similar applications.


Usually attached to 2-4 cu yd cans
The compactor packs into a 2yd or 3yd front load or rear load container where overall space utilization is critical. These powerful units are the perfect solution for high-rise apartments, hotels, hospitals, office buildings and anywhere else trash space is very limited.


3cu yd no higher than 4 cu yd
This compact, liquid tight compactor/container is designed to eliminate the need for multiple front load containers. Loading capabilities from the ground, off a dock, or through the wall with optional chute fed systems available. The Vertical Compactor is designed to allow customized loading options along with versatility in container sizes allowing for volume growth without changing compactors.

Vertical Baler

Depends on needs. From 42inch – 60+inch